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Saturday September 1st will be our 23rd annual Logging Jamboree.

You may e-mail us at  snlm@goldrush  or call us at 209-795-5672  or 209-768-3449 for more details.

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Museum Opening 2018

Because of the weather the museum this year will not open until April 12 th.  We are as you can see other places on this website open on Thursday through Sunday from 12 o’clock to 4 o’clock.

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Saturday September 2nd was our 22nd annual Logging Jamboree. As of right now i have no photos of this year’s  event, but there are literally hundreds of photos on this website that will give you a really good idea of what goes on at this event. I’ll post photos when I get some. Crowd was good sized, the weather was decent, the food was great, and the competition was fierce. Next year will be even better.

You may e-mail us at  snlm@goldrush   or call us at 209-795-5672  or 209-768-3449 for more details.


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On Sept. 3rd 2016, we held our annual Labor Day weekend event. It was a huge success with lots of visitors, great weather, awe-inspiring competition, delicious food, and much much more.To go directly to the photos click here. Our great friend and accomplished photographer, Cindy Micheli, came through for us again with photos that tell the story better than words ever could.

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Erosion Control

From the beginnings of the museum we have benefitted  from the advice and guidance of Mike Skenfield, our exhibit designer and professional forester.  Here we are passing along to you his advice on how to control the erosion that is inevitable during this winter. Click on this link.


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Great New Stuff

New photos of the museum in Winter

Click on the Museum in Winter link in the menu at the top of each page.

Fresno County Photos plus a Blagen Mill addition

Big new section in Fresno County with some marvelous photos of a big mill there. Also added two new photos to the Blagen Mill Photos, one showing the yard guys in a group photo, complete with names. The other photo is of Enos Duart the yard superintendent standing in front of the yard office.

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2015 Snagfaller’s Ball

Every Fall, we have this lovely event where people can get together, enjoy a no host bar, eat wonderful BBQ food and dance. This year’s event was probably the best attended ever. We even made some money this year. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make the event such a sucess. You can find the poem, And God Made a Logger….  which was read at the Ball by clicking on this link. Much of what the Butte Fire didn’t burn was saved by the efforts of many including the loggers working for Sierra Pacific Industries. Those men certainly fit the description of why God made a logger.


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The Jamboree was a huge success with about a thousand people attending. We were very fortunate to have Cindy Micheli return to do photography. She did most of the photography two years ago and her great eye, and skill at camera operation again give us the following wonderful photos. For those who need a really good photographer for an event or other project, Cindy can be reached at micheliphotography@gmail.com. Thank you, Cindy, and please promise to come back next year.

Click to enlarge any of the photos

Announcer Michael Oliviera

Announcer County Supervisor Michael Oliveira

Cub Scout saluting

Cubbie doing his part for his country and the Jamboree

Cub Scout with lots of patches

CCTV filmerPeg Access (Channel 7) videographer

Bertha and Mike looking for winner

Bertha calling winning park ticket

Michael Oliviera and Bertha Underhill drawing winning ticket for White Pines Park raffle.

Logger and red head child with saw

Would love to know the names

Big Bald axe throwerNear bullseyeAxe near bullseye

Click to enlarge any of the photos

Looking at bigger tree ringsLooking at tree ringsJack and Jill buckers youngerJack and Jill buckers

Jack and Jill buckers. Appears to be an age difference between the two couples. Don’t know who won.

Hot saw startupHot saw adding something to fuel

Gotta start that hot saw

Bucker cutting upward

Notice that he is sawing from the bottom up! Now that takes a lot of muscle.

Bucker in big cloud of sawdust

Got it going! Great photograph, don’t you think.

Choker setter over the log

Choker Setter going over the top.

Skinny bucker Lacy bucker Close view of young bucker Guy bucking log Lady bucker? lots of sawdust Out on limb sawing balancing out on limb Starting saw out on limb Out on limb legs crossed Out on limb starting saw Lady bucker Chain saw bucker on knee Chain saw bucker Close view of young bucker Guy bucking log Lady bucker? lots of sawdust balancing out on limbOut on limb sawing Out on limb legs crossed Out on limb starting saw Lady bucker Chain saw bucker on knee Chain saw bucker

Choker setter over the log

Choker Setter, considered by many as the most dangerous job in the woods

Bucker with big hand saw

Look at the size of that one person hand bucking saw

Male bucker in shadeBucker with kids watching
Bucker in a cloud of dustBucker cutting up

USFS branding cookies

US Forest Service making their branded rounds (very popular)

Amador Sawmill Ass'n

Amador Sawmill Association with their drive line/belt operated old machine shop

Sue handing out raffle prizes

Sue running the raffle

Loggers cabin with Sponsor signs

Logger’s Cabin with Sponsor Names

Raffle and Bearly Used sale

Bearly Used Sale run by Carolyn N.

Tree limbing machine

No good reason for our clever tree climbing de-limber to be here other than Cindy must have liked it.

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How do we get to the museum? The Museum is open Thursday through Sunday, 12 noon to 4 pm, from the first of April to about the first of December. We  would be delighted to have you visit us starting on Thursday April 2, 2015. To get to the Museum, take Highway 4 east from Stockton through Angels Camp to the town of Arnold. From the northern or southern Sierras, take Highway 49 to Angels Camp, then turn east on Highway 4 to Arnold. From the Central Valley, take Highways 5 or 99 to Stockton and turn east on Highway 4. From Tahoe or Nevada, follow Highway 4 west from Markleeville over the crest of the Sierras through beautiful Ebbetts Pass to Arnold. (In winter, after the snows arrive, Highway 4 over the pass is closed; from Tahoe or Nevada, take Highway 88 down to Jackson and turn south on Highway 49.) In Arnold, if you are going East turn left just past the big Chevron station on Blagen Road. Follow the signs on Blagen Road to the museum. As you pass the school on the left, you will make a left turn on Dunbar Road. The address is 2148 Dunbar Road, but the museum is adjacent to White Pines Park which is adjacent to Blagen Road, so finding us at this point is very easy. Regional Map (click on the map for a larger image) Editors note: This map is pretty much worthless, but a good friend of mine put it here before he got ill, so I can’t take it out. If you need a real map, do a Google search for our address. Regional Map 2 At the Dale Brooks’s Celebration of Life, a number of people asked to have Wanda Hofstetter’s recipe for Black Eyed Pea Salad. This is it, and thank you for asking.

The “Much More” promised in the title of this post

Our newest accomplishment is told in the Shay section of our web site and is entitled:

The Shay Runs Again!

Clicking on the above will take you to our Shay page, and a link there will take you to a U-tube video of the Shay running for the first time on our property. Amazing.

Black Eyed Pea Salad

from Wanda Hofstetter, inheritor of the recipe which has been passed down many times. 1 can drained crushed pineapple 1 can shoepeg corn, drained 1 can black eyed peas, drained ¼  cup olive oil ¼  cup red wine vinegar 1 avocado, chopped 1 roma tomato, chopped 2/3 cup cilantro, chopped 2 cloves garlic, chopped or 2 tsp. minced garlic ¾ tsp salt ¾ tsp. pepper ½ tsp. cumin Combine all the ingredients and serve chilled.

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